Solar Panel’s Electrical Characteristics

Nominal output { Pmax } { W } 30
Flash test power Classification { W ] 0/+5
Voltage at Pmax { Vmp } { V } 17.64
Current at Pmax  { Imp } {A] 1.70
Open circuit Voltage 21.17
Short circuit current  1.90
Maximum system Voltage 1000
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 13.70

Solar panel Dimension

Dimension 769x356x30mm
Weight  3.4Kg
Max. Load Certified to 5400Pa

Enclosures Box Dimension (Light Gray Finish)

Enclosure x 2  8″L,6″W,4″H
Speaker Cable {Any Length Optional} 15 ft
Fence Post (Not included) 2 3/8 in

Master control board. 12 volt DC – high amp  38ma   low 12 ma
A 90-day warranty from purchase date, plus an additional two years extended warranty will be offered before the warranty ends
Fast same day shipping if ordered before 4 PM weekdays

Contact me for a custom made unit to activate two ponds close together.
Grass problems caused by otters?

Missing fish and unwanted water plants is a major problem for pond owners , missing carp and fish caused by otters that you next to never see is when water plants get out of control, then there is the high possibility  of taking the oxygen out of the water trying to kill the water plants, trying to kill those water plants in the water is very expensive and tricky, let me share this new method that works perfectly at a low cost, drain the pond water down just enough to get most of the aquatic plants out of the water , you will need a high volume sprayer I used a  25 gallon 12 volt two gallon a minute sprayer that I found at tractor supply and mounded it on my four wheeled , they also had the Herbicide called Rodeo made safe to use around fish ponds , using 20 ounce of Rodeo to 25 gallon of water first, then mix 4 ounces of the blue dawn dish washing detergent, then spray the unwanted grass that is now out of the water from draining the water down, the grass will look dead but it is still alive so do this as soon as possible this will kill the roots .  Then go ahead and restock your carp at { no less} then 6 to 8 carp per acre of water. Now to avoid having this problem again install the guaranteed stop otters system and your carp and fish will never go missing again. If your pond doesn’t have a drain, no problem most ponds don’t, use my contact page ask for details, and will send picture detail instructions to siphon the water out. This info is totally free.

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