Protect Your Investment And Fishing Fun

Proven and effective to otter-proof your pond instantly.

Stop Pond Otters Don’t wait to experience a fish loss, otter proof your pond today, yes finally there is a 100% guaranteed solution for instantly otter proofing your pond or lake humanely against all 13 species of otters, plus its totally maintenance free.

Some otter facts, otters they are rarely seen but very plentiful, on average they visit only once a year this visit will last only a few nights in a row leaving only small fish to grow up for next years visit they show up after dark and leave before daylight, and will leave your pond fish less almost over night. Koi ponds, private lakes, and fishery’s will attract otters even in big city’s. Otters or killing fish not for food but for fun, some species otter will hide fish 30 to 100 yards away lined up and all pointed in the same direction with only one bite taken out of each fish. Other species otter will leave there kill all over the water edge. Other species will eat there kill. For a experienced trapper they will catch a few otters but the ones not caught will devastate your fishing fun. For otters decoys of any kind are proven to be worthless.

About the stop otter The stop otter system has a two stage water proof speaker, the first stage with high an low tone sound so the customer can easily hear with the speaker out of the water for testing, the second stage sound is a ultrasonic sonar very low tone ticking this is the one that terrifies the otter making your pond 100% otter proof. The speaker driver circuit an charge control and cycling timer is programmed to cycle on an off to prevent the ultrasonic AF power from over heating the speaker, the solar model will run one week with out any sun light on the built in battery back up.


The Stop Otter electronic device is a solid state modular unit with a 30 watt solar panel and a 5 amp battery backup, all designed as a self-contained system.


All units come pretested and programmed for the optimal volume and cycling of sonic sonar pressure.


It features a waterproof speaker to deliver the patent pending sound through water for otter control


After thousands of hours of trial and error to fix my own otter problem, I realized that this product had the potential to vastly improve one of our nation’s favorite recreational activities, fishing, by ridding ponds/lakes of these fish predators.

Protect your investment and start catching big fish again.

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