The Joy of Fishing…

Fishing is one of America’s most popular recreational activities. Pond owners across the nation enjoy the fun and the sport that comes from casting a line. I’ve experienced thrills that comes with managing a pond. Most owners begin like I did, trying to manage their ponds by the book. Many find the effort increasing and results decreasing. I remember thinking first time naively that somehow the smaller fish were eating all bigger fish. Once I realized I had otter issues, off to the internet. While there is plenty of useful info on managing pond, there was very little information on otter control.

…Destroyed by Otters


I believe this to be the single most overlooked & devastating problem a pond owner may ever face. A marine biologist study has stated 6 otters can go through a well stocked 10 acre pond in only 7-8 nights. This is because otters generally travel in groups of 3-6. Otters are excellent at what they do, catching fish. Mostly nocturnal, they feed at night. By the time you realize you have an issue, they have moved to another pond 2-3 miles away. Otters are not confined to the country either, as they have been found in storm water drainage systems in larger cities.

Protect your Investment.

Protect your investment and fishing fun. If you have never seen the results you was looking for managing your pond by the book, you have a otter problem. Of all the fish pond problems that pond owners have, disappearing fish is at the top of the list. with pond owners not seeing there fish go missing its just easier to think what most pond owners think, it got out of balance. A fact having mostly small fish in your pond is not a sign of being out of balance. Those small fish did not eat the bigger fish, you have just had your nighttime yearly visit of cute little otters. One sign of a out of balance pond is having small body fish with big heads Fact for what ever reason only one out of a hundred ponds will not get this visit, this one pond is called a lucky paradise fishing pond. In the real world you only have two option for this problem, No it’s not shooting and trapping because most people can’t guard there pond every night, it’s a properly installed otter fence or the otter stop both will do the job, most pond owners or going with the otter stop because of price and having a invisible fence. Once you install the otter stop or otter fence you can go back to pond managing and see the results for the first time.

The solution I have found relies on the otter’s family tree. See, our pond and river otters are cousins to the marine variety. I discovered they share a built in fear of the same predator sounds. Harnessing this dormant fear with our technology, you can rid your pond of these pesky nighttime poachers.