What is the working range of the Stop Otter
Water carries sound louder and faster, It is working very well on a 10 acre lake.
What is the optimal location for placing the unit at my pond?
Anywhere that has good sunlight most of the day.
Will this device stop beavers, alligators, or blue herons?

Only otters and beavers all customers are saying the same thing otters take off intently and beavers with in 24 hours.

How long will the Stop Otter work without sunlight?
We used an oversized solar panel for the unit. So with the battery backup, the unit will last up to a week in total darkness.
Will the Stop Otter harm the otters?
Not in any way. In fact, the otter only hears the sound when it’s head is underwater.
Will the Stop Otter affect the fishing in any way?
Only that more fish remain for catching with this predator removed. The fish at all test ponds behave as normal.
Are there any issues with the speaker getting mired in the mud?
Yes, if the speaker is setting on the bottom it will eventually get covered up. Check the direction on how to mount the speaker.
Why is the fence post not included?
Without compromising quality, we have tried in every way to keep costs down. Shipping freight costs on a post would have doubled what it costs for same post from a farm supply or home improvement store. However, stainless steel brackets and screws are included for a variety of mounting options
Can the speaker cable lay on the grown before it gets to the water?

No rats an weed eaters will damage it, best to mount the unit next to the water line so that the speaker cable is not touching land.